Sunday, March 7, 2010

Earth was given as a garden

“Earth was given as a garden, cradle for humanity;
tree of life and tree of knowledge placed for our discovery.
Here was home for all your creatures born of land and sky and sea;
all created in your image, all to live in harmony.

“Show to us again the garden where all life flows fresh and free.
Gently guide your sons and daughters into full maturity.
Teach us how to trust each other, how to use for good our power,
how to touch the earth with reverence. Then once more will Eden flower.

“Bless the earth and all your children, one creation: make us whole,
interwoven, all connected, planet wide and inmost soul.
Holy mother, life bestowing, bid our waste and warfare cease.
Fill us all with grace o’erflowing. Teach us how to live in peace.”

Words by Roberta Bard Ruby; #207 in Singing the Living Tradition

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Quesada Gardens Initiative said...

A beautiful poem and vision for us all. Thank you for the gift!